Matched by The IdeaLists, Made by Dirty Robber: Say It With Bacon!

Bacon – as diamonds are to women, so is bacon to men.

Or at least that’s the message Oscar Mayer’s digital agency 360i wanted to convey to men the world over (and just in time for Father’s Day no less) with their new and bold “Say it with Bacon” campaign.

Shot on location in beautiful Louisiana, the commercial and web video was helmed by the illustrious directing duo Shillick, who previously delivered the Oreo Separator Machine ad.

The goal here was to find a way of making bacon look beautiful and sensual without ever losing sight of the humorous nature of the idea, a delicate balance to say the least. But thanks to the top tier script and excellent production value the final commercial is a triumph of comedy and brand reinvention.

Under the watchful gaze of executive producer Chris Uettwiller, the commercial has become a viral sensation garnering national attention from news outlets as varied as ABC’s Nightline, NPR’s Marketplace, and the internet hub, Mashable.

Watch the spot and see how easy it is to “Say it with Bacon.”

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